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Chapter 7 Page 270

Chapter 7 Page 270 published on 11 Comments on Chapter 7 Page 270

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Hello folks, the comic is finished. I finished a webcomic! How many people get to say that? Not as many people as get to say they started a webcomic, no sir.  Granted this last chapter is in black and white, but mainly I went with that because I thought it looked good and fit with the mood. Thank you for sticking with this project through the Xtreme hiatus, and through my fickle art style decisions and my occasional whining. You’ve all been lovely, And though I maybe overestimated how many people on earth truly loved super weird and pretentious sci fi (Me! Me! I love that!) It was still a great project to work on.  I learned a LOT. There is nothing like drawing for seven hours a day. Try it! Your figure drawing WILL improve. I also learned that it is probably not a good idea to write a script and have it entirely finished before you start said four year long drawing project.  JEZUZ. Don’t do that folks.  You’ll be tied to a project you wrote as a tiny twenty-something.  Next time I will let the writing grow with the art. In a day or so I will compile all of the pages so you guys can download a free ebook version of this comic. And then in about a month or so I will take the whole thing down and put up a mirror site on tumblr. Thank you for reading and for all your support over the years! It means the world to me.

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