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Chapter 6 Page 222

Chapter 6 Page 222 published on 8 Comments on Chapter 6 Page 222

Hey folks, welcome back to the comic! If you’d like to start reading from the beginning of the update, please click HERE.

And you get a new site design too. I’m sort toying around with the idea of actually using social media the way it was intended. So I stuck this banner all over the damn place today.  On twitter. On tumblr.  On my husbands nose. I now look like a person who is alive and on the internet. And not someone who died, and whose social media accounts somehow did not get deleted.  I’M ALIVE.

So anyway, it’s an update! That’s six chapters down and three to go.  Or possibly two large chapters. I might shave some pointless scenes and tighten things up a bit yet, we’ll see.   Also, there’s a bonus coming your way. The new art program I use allows me to capture my brush strokes and play them back as a video. So if you go on my tumblr site here:


you can watch me draw the banner. If you like videos I’ll make sure to add more tomorrow. But I am super tired tonight, so I’ll post here when I add some new stuff.  These videos are quite soothing. Inking videos always calm me down, apparently even if it’s a video of my own inking.  If you need to quell your anxiety, just watch someone ink for a little while. During this election season, we all need a little inking therapy in our lives. So check it out.


Also, one last thing! I want to shout out to Caleb!  Thank you so much!



What he did is a mystery to the rest of you folks. Maybe he rescued me from an alligator! Maybe he gave me a pet opossum! The truth is going to remain between us two.   but again thank you.  You are extremely kind.


That’s all for now. I’ll post another half chapter hopefully soon ish? I don’t know when, all I can say is that it will happen. Take care!


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