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Chapter 6 Page 206

Chapter 6 Page 206 published on 8 Comments on Chapter 6 Page 206

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Hello gentle readers, and welcome to (most of) chapter 6. I was actually making good time on this chapter for quite a while, but things came up. First I suffered a mild hand injury a few weeks back, because apparently when you draw for ten hours a day for weeks at a time you can HURT YOURSELF. Well done, Jameson. I also scheduled some professional development opportunities that I needed to prepare for, and a family emergency also slowed my progress down significantly. It has been so long since an update at this point that I thought I should just post the completed pages thus far.

There are twenty pages of this chapter posted. The good news is you won’t have to wait so long for the next update, as I have all the remaining pages in this chapter drawn and inked. I just need to color the final 16. As soon as I can put aside a week to do this, I will have them done, so you won’t have to wait another four months for an update. This is by far the longest chapter in Age of Clay which fed into some of my difficulties. It’s a huge info dump and there are a lot more explanations forthcoming, but it did make it hard to finish the chapter because this chapter just kept on trucking.

I also switched art styles again. Surprise! It’s a little rough and unpolished, but part of why I do Age of Clay is so I can practice and experiment. Anyway, welcome back folks. I will get another update to you pretty soon.

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