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Nova: A young girl. She was created by her father and she has lived her whole life in his fantastic garden.  She knows nothing of death or change. She has never been out in the real world.


Fortimer: A man on the run. He broke the law of his kingdom, and he was condemned to wander for five years while being chased by hunters. When the hunt comes to an end he will be killed. At the beginning of this story, Fortimer has tried to escape from his captors.


Nova’s creator and father. He is the last survivor of an ancient race of humans. He built the garden. He likes to shape shift and sculpt there. Also, he is half mad.


Anaxi: A saintly fool. She started following Fortimer and the hunters because they gave her food.









Kayli: She holds a ceremonial position in her society. She is recognized as the human manifestation of the god of death.









Mask Maker: Kayli’s brother. He is the chief mask maker in the five hundred kingdoms

maskmaker apprentice








Zeha: the mask maker’s apprentice










Sivan: A foreigner to the 500 kingdoms









Skan: A rough, mean-spirited fellow










Joll: A jolly guy

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