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Hi guys, I have recently changed the update schedule for Age of Clay from two pages twice a week, to one chapter every few months. I realize though that if you are used to checking in a number of times a week for updates you might abandon the comic, since it won’t update for a while. If you want to stick with it, and you’d like some help remembering to check back, I have set up a mailing list, and I will send out an email when I update the comic with a new chapter.

So to join the mailing list, just write that you’d like to join it in the comments section below. If you use your regular email when you sign in to post the comment, it won’t get published and no one else will see it, but I can look it up on the wordpress dashboard and send you an email on the update day. Or else you could email me at and request to join the list through private email.

Don’t worry! I won’t spam you. I’ll just send you an alert email when the comic has finally updated.

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