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Chapter 3 Page 74

Chapter 3 Page 74 published on 6 Comments on Chapter 3 Page 74

This page was inspired by Remedios Varo. Remedios Varo, oh how creepy-amazing you are.  Page 14 was heavily influenced by her as well. I want to write more about her, and about some other artists that have inspired me,  but I haven’t found the time yet. Still I hate it when artists don’t cite what influenced them so I plan to get it together and start talking about these people. Until then if you’re interested do yourself a favor and google image search Remedios Varo. Your eyes will thank you.

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I just found this comic through a Project Wonderful ad. And I have to say that the art just gripped me from page 1! With most comics I’ll skim through the archive, but with this one I took the time to soak up all of the unique details in the backgrounds. It really is a thing of beauty.

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