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I love this comic. The art is so free, so dream-like.
If you put up a “Vote” button for TopWebComics, I’ll vote everyday. Higher numbers means more people find it to try.
Just something to think about.
Think about it.

Thank you so much! It’s so heartening to see positive feedback. And I’m psyched I’ve got a reader. I will think about Top Web Comics. Right now I have almost no idea how to get anyone to look at this at all. Twitter is a mystery to me. So I’ll try anything. Thanks!

Yes, more than one.

I’ve seen a few other comics take off, go from 4 comments to 60+ in the weeks after hooking up with Disqus… Just an observation. Personally, I have no real opinion on that.

I found you through an ad, I think, through Sufficiently Remarkable webcomic. And yes, I’ll be glad to up vote you on TWC.

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