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Chapter 1 Page 24

Chapter 1 Page 24 published on 4 Comments on Chapter 1 Page 24

Sorry for the late update! My computer died. Luckily I was able to save all the comics pages in backup but I didn’t have access to the jpgs until this evening. aw man, so bummed. I loved that computer. and I lost a lot of files. So sad. So sad.

Also, I notice that I wrote alright instead of all right up in the page. I’ll fix that when I can.


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Did the hard drive die? Or the Motherboard? If it just won’t turn on, pull the hard drive out and buy an external enclosure, and get your files back? = < $100 Can.Dollars. Plus you have all your files.
If the hard drive died- recycle the beast with private honors. Was it going click-click, click-click?

I didn’t hear any clicking sounds. I brought it in to a shop and they said they suspected the hard drive was failing. They are trying to get my files off of it though. Jeez I can’t believe it. But it’s my own fault. I should have been more diligent about backing stuff up.

Funny how I can look at the forest, and most of it seems like a fairly normal forest, but then I get to the second big tree in the fourth panel and think “What’s the weird tentacle plant on the side of it?”. Very nice art style 🙂 I hope your current computer keeps working for you.

Backup to an external drive is always best

Isn’t it silly how we all tell ourselves “I should back this up” then get distracted on the Internet (there should be a newly coined word for that… “Netgazed”?) and forget. Then comes the day….

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