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Why have you no computer? How do you post the page with no computer? I think the door looks fine, like the inside of the door we saw the outside of with Fortimer.

So what’s with your computer?

Right! Sorry. This is a truly epic tale. My main computer died a few weeks ago. It was the motherboard that crashed initially, but the fellow at the shop said the entire system was near death. I got all of my files off, but I only have access to a jankity old laptop that runs Photoshop 7, Photoshop 7 is the worst. and I can’t plug in my cintiq and draw off of that laptop. BUT, my husband recently had bought a top of the line laptop that is the computer of my dreams. BUT it stopped working. SO we sent it into the shop. They sent it back to us. Still broken. So we sent it in again. and I am waiting for that to come back so it will become my laptop. I hope that works because I can’t afford a new computer at the moment. All the while I have been ripping through my buffer pages.Which is the very worst. I did so much work getting those ready. Noooooo. I’ve been penciling and inking on paper so I can get most of the work done, but I am going to have to blitz it on coloring when I finally have a computer that works. It’s really the pits.

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