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And the next question is; will she go out- into the world- with him, or will she invite him to come in with her? She is clearly not a product of her father’s broken mind, in that she can exist outside the walls, but will Fatherr’s mind admit to outside influences, inside her castle walls? This is such a good chapter.

Awesome! I’m glad things aren’t moving too slowly. I included lot of silence and space early on and I had Nova musing her way through the first chapters of my comic. It was kind of a risk because I really ask people to be patient while Nova thinks about stars. I’m not writing a very plot heavy story so hopefully it holds people’s attention in webcomic format. But it sounds like you like it okay!

I love this strip, it is one of the strips I vote for everyday. It IS plot heavy, it just doesn’t take large steps. You don’t skip over the important parts, you show it all. And moving slowly doesn’t have to be boring, you are showing us how her mind works, what is important to her. This might be important to understanding her actions later in the story. “Why’d she do That?– oh, yeah, she did that at the beginning.”. That sort of thing.

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