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That is a cool page. Wonder if he’s telling the truth, though.

I really like your art style. It’s not perfect, but there’s something really great about it.

One thing I like about Kat’s style is she’s not all “Primary Colours!” like other strips can be. And the use of fine black lines in lieu of in-filling with black or dark grey. She’s not all, “No.6 sable brush/India Ink- all the time!” with her art. Her technique adds subtlety and depth — yeah, it takes time but makes the art so much richer than over use of “almighty black”. And this adds a lightness and nuance making her art stand out even better, visually. Examples Pro: Age of Clay, Camden Bottoms, Abominable Charles Christopher. Contra Examples: Precocious, Ballerina Mafia, Between Failures. That doesn’t make them bad comics, it is a style choice. But some treat the art with a high value, some treat plot with a high value, some characters with high value, and some put a lot of work into all of them. Like Kat and Scott Quick. XKCD is no art, all humor- all the time. And still one of the best comics EVAR! All sorts of choices to be made! Kat just chooses to be one of the best, at all three.

Well I feel completely awesome right now. Wow. That is an incredibly nice thing to say about my comic. Thank you.

I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with my inking style since I started this comic. On page 36 I switched from digital art to pen and ink on paper, which I’m not as accustomed to. I didn’t have the control I have on the computer. So I’ve switched back to digital art on my Cintiq. Maybe you guys will notice the difference.

Also most of those pages are for sale if anyone is interested.

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