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Why is that person carrying a tiny elephant? Why did the arrow bounce off? Why is the leader so excited to meet Nova? We want to know the answers!

As for the elephant, earlier on page 46 of this chapter they had it on a leash and it looked kind of like it was sniffing at the ground. My guess is that it’s some sort of tracking elephant (which should totally be a real thing), and he’s probably carrying it because it moves to slowly to simply follow it the whole time.

Theory incoming.

I am of the opinion that Nova is not entirely a creation of flesh and blood. She has flesh, and can bleed, but was made of the earth. As such, she is a very resistant creature for one made of living matter. Something like a cross between a golem and a homunculus. She has free will, but was created from inorganic matter and as such is not quite the same as a human.

Bearing in mind her hands were torn off and reattached in the last chapter…

Yeah, well they took my Dad’s heart out and put it back in with plastic parts, so I am not buying that the hands thing proves any theories, yet. Her Dad might be a magician or sorcerer, he made himself into a Deer’s Head, too! Not buying it. Need input, data. 5 alive! More story, please.

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