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Chapter 2 Page 77

Chapter 2 Page 77 published on 4 Comments on Chapter 2 Page 77

So I finally broke down and started re-inking/redrawing some of the pages in chapter 2 because oh my God. Every time I skimmed the archives and I got to chapter two it was like nails on a chalk board. I was experimenting with pen and paper inking and it did not work to put it mildly.   I know you’re supposed to just roll with it as a webcomic artist but I really can no longer even deal with these pages. I want my comic to hold together as a single graphic novel type deal. So. Updates will continue as usual but if you’re curious you can also monitor my frenzied chapter 2 clean up. I’ve already put up updated pages 32-39.  Thanks again for reading!

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I’ll eat my hat if Father can’t teach the old mask-maker a thing or two…

If they don’t all get killed, of course.

Felt or cloth? Bowler, beret, or pork pie? Fedora? Have you noticed that artists are usually so different that they learn a lot from each other? But I will not take your bet, I think you are correct. Perhaps the Villagers are engaging in sympathetic Magik, where making the thing as a little image just might call the real thing to it, or cause it to happen. Or Nama-Rupa, maybe– where saying its name causes it to be.

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