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Why not let him go? it would be an affront to the gods! He broke the Mask, therefore he must die. well, according to Kayli.

Why Ruin every one’s life?

Because if they didn’t they risk having more Sacrifices fighting back. What happens then? Enough fight back, escape, then the ritual losses meaning, especially when/if the promised bad stuff and/or good stuff fails to materialize. Honestly we don’t know enough about the ritual in question to make judgments. Despite our knee-jerk reaction of “Human Sacrifice Bad”, it might not be the case, there is obliviously incredibly powerful beings in this world ones that can reshape the landscape with a dream. If one of them demanded a life every year or they would destroy the kingdom or Kingdoms how could they fight back? and Even if the “god/Gods” to which these sacrifices are dedicated was real it may have moved on long since.

In either Case Kayli can not let him off. its a small act of rebellion sure, but if the rule of the Clergy is as absolute as we are led to believe then breaking the mask and fighting back calls into question the root of the clergy’s authority, and as the Local Clergy and the one who was wearing the mask when if broke she has to ensure the rule is upheld, otherwise it weakens the whole organization. I don’t think Kayli wants to kill him, but just sees no other way.

I could (and have) send hours talking about world-building.

Just to note I personally believe that we lack enough information to make any sort of judgement yet, and can’t wait for the next few pages.

@Nimbian: Well, you Pretty much summed up Theocracy, Monarchy, Oligarchy, well… All of political-Science in a paragraph, you did. And have your tried “” Shades of Gray Comic? About a smart but undersized Alien with interesting health issues? Really thoughtful world building with the Myths Legends and Divine Interventions and all that. It’s much fun!

Yes I have actually. I think I lost track of it some time in 2008. so its nice to have a refresher link…

At the time I was reading/checking 200 web comics daily…….. 🙂

And I thought I was a Nut, watching So Many, but now I see it was only, only 70. a paltry number really. I am impressed with your score, I’d love to see the list sometime. I miss the Meek, and Activities for Rainy Days, Feral Calf, and Hello Cthulu. They were so much fun. But now I have Sue and Kathryn, and Alice Grove, Age of Clay,.. Oh, and LeveL is back. Some Webcomics are ephemeral, others have staying power they don’t need…


I’m actually down to 23ish comics now I moved most of my list over to InkOutbreak but when they went down I lost track of them.

This is fine, because then when I do find them again, (I only click on adds on web comics I like) I can reread their archive again.

Lets see Good ones that I currently follow BESIDES Age of Clay.
Grrrl Power
Kiwi Blitz
Stand Still, Stay Silent
The End

So I’ve looked up the ones you mentioned and will have a read

They could be sacrificing animals instead…

Does Kayli not feel guilt?

Could they use animals? If the value of the sacrifice was some thing material perhaps but it could be some thing else. If for example the Value of the Sacrifice was in “weight” then yes perhaps they could use animals How many Cows equals the life of one Human? But if it is some thing else, some thing Intrinsic to humans then its a case of a round peg square hole. there is no way to make it work.

Does Kayli Feel Guilt? Honestly I don’t know.

Personaly I don’t think so. Does a farmer feel guilt when he/she kills a chicken for food? no. it’s simply something that has to be done, and doing it well reduces the suffering to the chicken and provides food for the farmer. Kayli probably would feel the same way about the Ritual, does she want to kill a man? No but if she doesn’t many more could suffer and as we see here WILL and Do suffer.

It would be more appropriate to ask does she feel Remorse for the actions she takes? and to that most likely.

What we need more then any thing is information on the selection process of the Sacrifices. It might be random (and therefor the choice of God) or it could be more Political motivated or perhaps even a combination of things. For example early on Fortimer told Anaxi that he could still contribute. so perhaps sacrifices are chosen from those who aren’t contributing to society (at least from a certain perspective). It could even be that being chosen is considered an honor and the family or Clan or Group of the one being sacrificed gains something in return. It could be that some, most, or even all Sacrifices are willing, Fortimer could have even agreed to it until the Ritual was taking place. Which would make Fortimer’s actions even more deplorable, or he may have been tricked into agreeing.

Even if Fortimer willingly agreed to be the sacrifice, I’m not sure I’d call his actions deplorable (probably wrong or cowardly at the most), as I can easily understand where he would be coming from. It could have been easy for him to be (or act) noble, selfless and concerned for the greater good of his people right up until Kayli was about to stab him, and then realize that he may not have thought things through enough.

That being said, I agree that we need a more definitive answer on what they’re up against before we can tell. As you pointed out, it could be that the force behind this ritual has moved on, lost it’s power or possibly never existed in the first place. If this is the case, then Fortimer’s actions, whether they were based in the knowledge that the ritual is unnecessary or simply in self-preservation, may well be a good thing for his society. This ritual seems to be making this particular group rather unhappy, and if it is unnecessary, then this could be their chance to get rid of this seemly less than optimal part of their culture (though maybe their just unhappy because Fortimer wimped out and they’re stuck following him),

My Working hypothesis is that this world is not Earth (I’m about 50% on this) but some sort of Orbital habitat as was suggested in the comments earlier. likely thousands of year in the future (I’m guessing close to the 500k range, if not more based on the altered appearance of Fortimer and the others) and based on what Father has said most humans likely passed the singularity some time ago. This of course this assumes that this is a Science Fiction comic rather then a Fantasy one. (I’m a Science guy so I’m in the first camp, but that doesn’t mean I hate Fantasy, just as an explanation to why I go to the Orbital Hab idea first :). I’m just as happy being wrong)

Second, Fortimer and his people (calling them the 500 Kingdoms for now, belong to a Mono Culture, likely the entire known world belongs to the same culture. Fortimer once talked about contributing to the Empire. so my guess is that the Empire is the 500 kingdoms taken together, and his actions seem to indicate that the Cities and Villages (Farming Communities) don’t get along, the Kingdoms in this scenario could be referring to the Cities as City States, with the Sounding villages getting “lumped” in with them.

Third, The Villages seem to be much more Pius then the City folk, Based sole on the fact that all those that were chosen or became a part of the “Daemon Hunt” are from the Farming Communities (Again this is a weak assumption)

Any or all of the above could be wrong or right. While we wait for the next page what is your guys thoughts?

That’s… a lot more thought than I put into it. I guess I just assumed it was a fantasy setting, but the idea of a sci-fi explanation to all the goings on is very intriguing (I suppose it could turn out to be a fantasy/sci-fi combo, maybe).

I don’t remember too much of what’s been said about the general nature of the world (I guess I should go through the archives again), but your guess regarding the Empire sounds pretty good. In regards to the villagers, it may be that they are the only ones on the hunt because the rules dictate that it’s solely on them, perhaps since Fortimer is from their village.

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