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Zeha looks so sweet and trusting in the Maskmaker’s arms. I can tell that she loves him very much. The tender way he holds her, shows he treasures her and doesn’t want her to worry for him. But I worry about head wounds. I hope he is O.K.
I wonder if Fortimer is keeping his part of the bargin with Father, to tutor Nova an hour a day. We shall see.

I have a feeling it will be the other way around for the first bit. Fortimer just entered another world so to speak. plus so much of what Fortimer could teach will confict with Nova’s worldview.

Errrr, …. I think that that is Father’s plan? To have Forti expand Nova’s world and concepts, in a coherent way that he cannot manage. (Which would, of course, allow for a lot of expository info for the reader – allowing US to further understand what is going on in this world. Why has Nova no mother in the picture? Is she a golem? An Earth Spirit? Animated dirt? Or was she made from a rib father lost? Does she stem from the joining of an Earth spirit and a Water spirit? Is Father’s mind contained within the walls of the Estate, or does it range wider? Why do I have so many unanswered short-worded but broad scoped questions?

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