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Well, everything is much smaller– the frames in the panels I mean, but more smaller panels show more action, that moves the story ahead faster, and I think, a little more smoothly. The down side is that I miss the artwork, the glorius wonderful splendid artwork that drew me into the story in the first place. My $0.02 is that it works well when theirs action, and not as well when there is exposition. Try to balance them. Remember me, I stayed for the story, but I came — or rather was drawn into the comic by the art.

Today’s vote button is a fail.. Sad vote button is hiding behind the twit’, face-, AD & tumb. Icons, sad vote button. I’m not sure what it’s scared of. Perhaps Vote is sad that Death can’t even get a hug from her brother. Whatevs, I love the larger size.
I want a box around the “post comment” so that it is visible, not hanging in space like its part of the attributes list. I don’t mean that in a critical or harsh way, why must it sound so harsh when I read it back? I mean it in a friendly, non-confrontational way, gentle suggestion sort of way… I fail at breakfast, Coffee I made is weak, watery and yet still lumpy…. Rrreererererer….(Gene Growls and barks, snapping at imaginary rolled up newspaper !!!!)

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