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Between Nova’s comments about how light on their feet these people are and her seeming imperviousness (is that a word?) to their weaponry, I have to wonder… If Nova got it into her head to take a swing at one of them, would they go flying because of differences in mass and weight? Maybe that’s not necessarily how the physics here work, but it’s a theory.

I remember getting to participate in gathering maple sap and making some syrup once when I was a kid in Minnesota. Mostly what I remember is how cold it was, which really sums up a lot of my memories of Minnesota 🙂 (Nice state, just a bit on the cool side compared to California)

Sooner or later she’ll find someone with the patience to work out what she’s going on about and explain a few basic facts she’s naive of…

I forgot to check this comic on Friday so yay, two pages today!

I… I once… ate maple syrup when I was in Canada… (It’s not a bit thing in England! At least, not in my house,)

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