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here here, This is one of the most original comics I’ve ever read. Not that being original in it’s own right is something to be celebrated, a lot of crap is original, but this comic is original, deep and entertaining. good job!

Don’t forget Kat’s comic is gorgeous, the artwork alone — even without the story — would keep me coming back. Although Kat has toned down some of the incredible detail that she used to put into the pages to, what I think is, a reasonable level, the artwork still puts the comic in a class with almost no companions, or company. Yeah, Phil’s Girl Genius is detailed, but it is just for the shiny… It’s for the reader, more candy than artwork. Kat’s art is for the comic, more for the atmosphere, for the setting and mystery, than for the reader to get some “eye candy”. Dresden Codak is beautiful and subtle, but it is for the graphics. Kat’s hard work seems to be more for Fine Art, like Michael Parks, or Moebius’ work. The only things I can think of that are of the same class are Charles Christopher, and The Meek, and LeveL. Maybe one or two more- The list? She is a very small list.

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