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If the hunters give up, then they have given up – meaning the one called Death loses. If they don’t give up then Kayli doesn’t lose but they also (the hunters) cannot do their jobs, they just stay there. And that means Fort wins. If death goes back to her job in the cities, then she has to kill the hunters, because they know she failed to kill Fort. So she’d have to kill all of them, too. Then she could go back, knowing she’d failed, and I don’t think she could do that. And I don’t think she could kill her brother, the master mask maker.
It’s complicated.

He made the drawings.

Yes, -I- get that he made the drawings. But does She get that he made the book, that is, the drawings IN the book, and not the plants themselves? Because when she says, “Did you make these?” It was not clear to me that she asked if he made the drawings, or that she asked did he create the plants the drawings are from. Father makes things all day long.
She made a pony creature, it would be natural for her to confuse making something, with making something.

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