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I suppose fighting is a good thing for Death to know. After all, Fortimer is proof that not everyone will go willingly, or easily. I wonder how much of Kayli’s training involved combat skills and technique, and how proficient she is? Very nice lighting in this page. The little patches of light amongst all the shade gives it a very real forest feel 🙂

I might not be able to draw it to my liking, but Kayli is supposed to be a near unbeatable swordsperson. She was trained in a special technique reserved for death gods. She is very, very good at killing people.

Intriguing! Thank you for the information. And from what I’ve seen in other webcomics, it’s just really hard to draw fight scenes in general. Even the ones that do an amazing job still take some analyzing before you figure out exactly what’s going on. Keep up the good work 🙂

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