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Sharp Blade is sharp! But the first time she went for Fort, it was a curved blade, no? Why does she have a straight blade now? Hmmm, we need more panels to figure this out. Story-Teller is good at her story. Well done Kat. What will the penalty for cutting herself be?

Well in panel 1 when it’s leaned against the tree, it still looks like it’s curved about the same, and in panel 4 it looks to have a some curve to it. Panels 5 and 6 are a bit trickier, but it might be because of the distances the sword is at makes it less obvious. And from my negligible doodling experience, drawing curved swords is hard! Which is a shame, because how else was I supposed to draw Sephiroth and/or ninjas? The swords were always the coolest part 😀

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