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So does he (sorry, I can’t remember his name and he’s not in the cast list) think that Kayli is responsible because she allowed Anaxi to get ahold of the sword. Or is it that as the God of death in their culture, Kayli is thought to be directly responsible for all pain and death everywhere, all the time? I guess I hadn’t thought of the possibility that everyone that ever lost a loved one might directly blame her, even if she never met them before. If so, no wonder she seems so cold and withdrawn…

It’s kind of both. In this case, Joll is angry that Kayli did nothing to prevent Anaxi from being cut. But as Death, Kayli cannot act to prevent death or pain. She just has to let events run their course. He is angry because Kayli just stood there watching.
But in this culture it is also true that Death gets blamed for all the death everywhere all the time. This is especially true among superstitious peasants. More educated or worldly folk accept that although Death is responsible for pain and loss, blaming her is like blaming the sky for being blue. Joll is not particularly superstitious. He’s a bit more grounded than that. He’s just angry that Kayli let a crazy person play with a sword.

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