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I don’t comment much, but I’m a dedicated reader. I’ll admit, i didn’t really like the comic when I first found it. but now, it’s becoming really interesting. Keep going! Incidentally, does anyone else really dislike Fortimer? He sounds so whiny…

Well, I thought he was not a sympathetic character at first. I thought he was too whiny, but after seeing what he had to deal with, maybe just a bit spoiled and a child of privilege, I feel for him now, and rather like him, even if he is a bit immature. He might make a good instructor for Nova.

Well in Fortimer’s defense, he has been through quite a lot. He’s way out of his comfort zone, he thinks of himself as the only rational person and is now surrounded by the seemingly unreal, and the only person who seems to understand and sympathize with his position is tasked with killing him. He has a lot to whine about, suffice to say. But yes, sometimes I find myself thinking that maybe he should think about the other people around him instead of himself a bit more often.

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