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Looks like the second part of the dialogue in panel two – “These words will help you steady your resolve” – did not get a word balloon behind it, and so is very hard to make out.

Also on that note, there’s an extra “the” in the other word bubble of that panel. “…the words of the all the death gods…”

A good strip, this. Being a bit (or a lot) cynical, I’d assumed that the Book of the Comforter was written by some priest or prophet of the religion, someone who had never had to experience the horror of acting as death. As such, whatever the contents of the book, I figured it would be inherently flawed since it wouldn’t be speaking from experience. But to learn that it’s actually written by people who went through the same struggles Kayli now faces is actually kind of moving in a way. Whatever the truth or lack thereof behind this people’s beliefs, this does show something of their dedication in the face of trials.

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