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Man, I can’t tell you how annoying it is when gods wander into my campsite. Just the most inconvenient thing. I hear you can prevent it by putting all your food up in trees or something 😀 But really, if you can say “it seems harmless enough” about a god, you may want to rethink your criteria for godhood. But then I suppose it’s not impossible for something to be powerful and amiable.

Saber exam;
I know, are you Right! Or what? I used to camp in glens and glades, then Cern wandered into my camp and talked about how the only Celts that have any passion, play basketball but ignore him! He gabbed and babbled for hours! How do you deal with THAT? Now I camp in briar patches– so it tangles up his antlers. He won’t come near. It is a good tip from you about hanging the food up high, especially if you have Grand Marnier, or Ambrosia, I hear Hermes and Apollo go wild for that stuff, and bogart the bottle, … You won’t get a second sip. Trust me on that point.

Ah autocorrect, making it seem that, instead of directing a reply to someone’s screen name, you are in fact brushing up for your test on 18th century sword technique 🙂 Well if Grand Marnier is as good as Wikipedia makes it sound, I think I’d fight Hermes and Apollo for it.

Saberbeam, well, yes. Poured over ice cream, baked in scones, in a sauce for glazing a baked duck. One ounce over shaved ice, … or just in a shot glass. Like the essence of oranges, without the harshness of zest. If you love chocolate; try the Israeli “Sabra” that is one order of magnitude better, Grand Marnier plus chocolate — Yum x 6^23, then made into a liquid.

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