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Well I’d like to thank our dear author for making me learn something today 😀 Seeing the pencil that seems entirely out of place in this setting, I got to thinking that it seemed anachronistic for the time period I would guess this to take place in, based off the level of technology shown so far. That got me to skimming Wikipedia on the history of pencils, which was really pretty interesting 🙂

So what I’ve learned is that pencils in a wooden case were invented in Spain sometime in 1560, and that the first patent for a pencil with an eraser attached was filed on March 30th, 1858. I’m not sure when your standard issue No. 2 pencil was invented, but either this strip is taking place way past when I figured, or Father is quite the genius inventor (both seem like perfectly reasonable explanations). I suppose there’s several other possibilities, but I’ll be interested to how Father came across something like that.

It has been implied that this comic takes place at some point in the distant future. Father mentioned that humanity has changed since he last saw them (he himself looks like a regular human), and his character description in the cast sections says that, “He is the last survivor of an ancient race of humans.”

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