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They are actually brother and sister. All the sort of elite people from all these different kingdoms are made to send their children to this child training center/school called the Children’s Palace, That’s where we see her first at the beginning of chapter four. The Children’s Palace is at the heart of the empire and kids go there when they are quite young. It’s where they’re trained in the ways of the empire, and taught how to be leaders and rulers. Kayli is the daughter of one of the rulers of the five hundred kingdoms, and the mask maker is her actual brother. But she was chosen to become death when she had just come to the Children’s Palace. Which is a huge honor, but she is technically dead to her family. But still, before she was chosen she and her brother were close, and they still have a ghost of their old relationship. And her brother always adored her. When he grew older he was chosen to be head mask maker so they are related, though the wider world doesn’t really recognize their relationship anymore.

Also guys, I’m afraid this wasn’t clear but in the previous two pages it was Nova narrating about the dream and the animals, not her father. I might add some text bubbles that make it clearer…?

I have a couple of thoughts about your announcements. They are just thoughts, feel free to ignore them if you want.
1. Enjoy your break, everyone needs one now and then. And don’t worry about changing mediums, many of the web comics I follow have gone through numerous medium and style changes, and even artist changes. If you’re happier with watercolors, do it! The wonderful thing about putting something online vs in physical format is the amount of control you have over it. Once you publish a book, there’s no going back and editing it. Not so with web comics :).
2. I’ll admit, I almost didn’t follow this comic myself, initially, because I couldn’t figure out what was going on, which made it hard to connect to the characters. I mostly stuck with it because I was intrigued by your art style, and now that we’re further into the story I’m really enjoying it, and I’m very, very glad you’re not going to abandon it. I think the prologue helps a lot in establishing these characters as people we can relate to, but I’m afraid you may have lost a number of potential readers before you put it up. I will attempt to get my sister to read it again ๐Ÿ™‚

Well it certainly makes sense that you would want to enjoy making this comic, and if a more hands on approach to creating it is what will make it fun for you, well it’s your comic so go wild! I’ve certainly enjoyed your art so far, and I’m intrigued by how using ink and watercolors will affect the finished product. Have a great Christmas, New Year’s and holiday season in general, and good luck with your new art endeavors ๐Ÿ™‚

OMG, OMG!OMG!!! Don’t hate the computer, tablet, software package, etc. Many people use them to great effect, and certainly you have, … You’ve just outgrown them, as a tool.
I started with pencils, then in 3rd grade moved to ball point pens. In 5th grade we were allowed fountain pens, which in the day was the adult standard. (of course, when I was 40, I moved to a broad nibbled dip pen as my art evolved, …but that’s another story)
You SO deserve a hiatus to reorganize everything. Take your time. Relax, and stretch, find a new groove.
Your art IS amazing,! And we will, I’m sure, cherish it, as much or more, as it evolves, as you evolve and grow as an artist.
Take us with you as you grow; and we who are not artists can bask in the joy the comes from seeing such art as you put up for us. Your skill, and talent amaze me.
Two, or three years ago I would have been able to bring more readers to the comic, but my influence and presence on the interwebz did a crash and burn abut the same time I tried to drive more eyes to your pages, your comic. My forum of influence dried up abut the time I found your comic. I feel bad for saying I could help get more eyes here, then found that an empty promise. Through no large fault of my own, I have found that I am impotent at getting readers to any site, for any reason. *sigh!*
Please do not agonize over this,. Have a happy Chiratmas, and a great start to the New Year, and we will come back in February. And we can pick up there.
Be easy with yourself and your art. Let it flow from you as water from a well or a fountain. Easily, gently. Let your energy come from your feelings, your passion.
My art Muse is as fickle as Calcifer from Myazaki’s “Howl’s Moving Castle.”
Wishing you all the very best, NOW and in the coming years,

Month-long hiatus is sad but changing to an art-style you’re happier with sounds like a great idea, both for you and the comic.

And please don’t be dismayed about your small readership; the internet is a massive thing and it’s hard to get noticed amidst all that. I like the slightly bizarre art style, the heavy plot and the complex setting; they’re choices that mean the comic won’t appeal to everyone but mean more to those of us who are glad to find something that ticks those boxes.

So don’t stress too much; do this to enjoy it, not because it’s a chore.

And Merry Christmas!

I’ve been following Age of Clay for a while now and I always look forward to updates so I’m feeling disappointed that the comic is going on hiatus, BUT it is important that you as an artist and storyteller take a rest and charge your batteries.

A little over a year ago, I found this comic. I was travelling on business, and I rarely sleep well in hotels. I wandered out onto the beach at Galveston Bay early in the middle of the night, sat under the stars, watched the oil rigs in the distance, and eventually got out my phone, and stumbled upon your work. Chapter 2 was wrapped up, and I think I read everything 2 or 3 times in a row. It’s rare that art of any shape captivates me like that. I was reminded of the first time I read Sandman. So take your time, and do this the way you need to. Thank you so much for this, and I wish a good holiday to you!

A thought – your work is rare in current webcomics for evoking a slow eeriness – an atmosphere that is at once beautifully poetic and quietly disturbing. Personally, I find that this is most effective when reading large chunks at a time, rather than the one page at a time fashion that can work with fast-paced comics. Perhaps you might want to consider updating on a chapter-by-chapter basis? This is essentially how I have been reading the comic since I was fortunate enough to find it more than a year ago – returning every couple of months to read a large part at once. In any case, whatever your decision, I look forward to reading the rest, as well as to seeing your art in a different medium. Do please have a restful break. And thank you for creating this.

Yikes! Have been slowly going through the archive and just jumped to the end to see how much more I had to read.

First off … I read a lot of webcomics, and almost all of them are taking a break for the last part of December/early January. It’s just a time to do other things.

Secondly, you have a unique, dreamlike art style. I like the story, even if you are pulling your hair out at this point. You need to do what works for you. I do not hold with the people who think webcomic creators “owe” us anything.

Next, I have been voting often on But recently a lot of, ah, new entries have shown up in the “top 100”. Hmm. Several of us commenters on other webcomics have been looking over our reading glasses at this. So, it’s harder to get attention that way, but I still think it’s worth us voiting. (Age of Clay is at 358, respectable; below it in the rankings are What Birds Know, Judecca, and Vattu. Perhaps these all appeal to a limited audience — but they’re all wonderful.)

Enjoy your time off. Do what works for you.

Thank you for writing this wonderful webcomic. Can’t wait to see the new style when you come back. ๐Ÿ™‚

I wish I knew how to draw more people in. I did post something on the Forum I frequent to give this a little advertisement, and to have it added to the list of webcomics they have there.

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