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Uhn, Fortimer, dear soul, if you and Kayli,…well, see when your Mom and Daddy, …? ….uhn, see, when a bee likes a flower, .. Really likes a flower, a lot, then … No.
Well, you see that bird sitting on its nest? Well, when two birds really, Really like each other, and they have made a nest,, then later in the Spring, there are eggs to hatch… No.
I’m going about this the wrong way, aren’t I? Fortie, dear? Kayli is a woman. … And you are a man, and when, … … Oh, Fortimer. Never mind.

So what you’re suggesting is that perhaps Fortimer doesn’t know all that much about the birds and the bees. :p

I kinda wonder, what has happened to the girl Fortimer was travelling with at the beginning, after the prequel.

Anaxi. I’d like to see more of her. 🙂 Saintly fool indeed.

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