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Errr, is it because Kayli is the one leading the pogrom against Fortimer? Or because Kayli is feared by each of the others?

Yeah, probably that second one combined with the fact that Kayli’s ability to stay nonplussed and straight faced seems to just about equal Nova’s. Everyone is bewildered by Nova except her and her father, but of all the outsiders Kayli reacts the least (except maybe Anaxi, I don’t quite remember), and I guess Nova notices that. Hopefully Kayli will leave well enough alone Creation-chan, but I suppose this might ber her one opportunity to hold any power over Nova.

I dunno, all I know is that this is very exciting.
And I think the new art style really boosts the impact of this page.
Either way, the content is by exciting.
Will Kayli try to kill the little critter? I doubt it.
Can Kayli kill it? I doubt it.
It was made, created, animated while inside Father’s domain. I’ll bet it is the same as Nova.
(Listens to Big Band’s China Doll in his head)

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