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Chapter 5 Page 182

Chapter 5 Page 182 published on 2 Comments on Chapter 5 Page 182

Hi guys! I posted before midnight! Still on time! Oh man I’m really sorry this is late, but I am slammed with another deadline I am working towards. Thank you for your patience.  Also, I am super not happy with how these last two pages turned out. I was trying some new stuff to see if I couldn’t create pages a bit faster. And I was also in a giant hurry. And right when I was so happy with my improvement too. Nice one ,Jameson. So I will go back to my old techniques pretty soon to get the page quality back on track. Thanks for reading folks.



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No need to rush. The fact that you are on a deadline for your other work suggests you are getting paid for it, which for me at least, makes it much more important to do right. That pays the bills, this sooths the soul. Don’t stress yourself on what you love.

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