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I am going to offer an opinion that may not be very popular, either with the other readers or with you. But…I think you need to slow down and not worry about the schedule of page releases (or reassess it).

I love the story you are spinning, and I love your art and its continual evolution. But I feel the quality of the last few pages is just not as good as what you are capable of. The line work is coarse, the composistion seems staged and less organic, and the coloring is blotchy. Just compare page 179 and 185 – they are worlds apart.

I think you are maybe rushing right now and the images are suffering? Like a gifted songwriter/performer who has written a beautiful song, but is performing it before getting the fingering quite down.

Speaking for myself, I’d rather have fewer pages than more if you can give all aspects of your tale the attention they deserve. Because I think what you are creating is really special, and I don’t want to see you compromise any part of it because you think your readers value quantity over quality.

I apologize if this seems patronizing or presumptive. I really love your art, and your story-telling, and I’m going to sit right here at this digital campfire and take it all in for are long as you care to keep sharing. Thank you for reading this far!

Seconded in full… by no means sacrifice your artistic standards just to satisfy your readers on time. The most worthwhile readers are the patient ones who appreciate your skill and effort the most, aren’t they? 🙂

According to the author comments on the past few pages, she was experimenting with some new techniques to make the workflow go a little quicker. Sometimes experiments turn out great, sometimes they go really bad, sometimes they just fizzle.

Ms J, while I agree with the others that this page in particular is not one of your most fluid (although I’d say it’s more because of the harsh black lines and the darker colors – also the scanner might be tinting things a bit too blue?), I also hope that you will keep experimenting and trying out new things and figuring out what works for you.

Hm. I haven’t been keeping up with your comic since a few pages before you started on the watercolour. Blahhh i’m so not used to it, haha. i really think this could be good though. that page you mentioned you were proud of–that was really really beautiful. I studied it for a bit, it was really excellent. And i’m kind of in agreement with these previous commenters. It’s beautiful, what you’ve shown your capable of, And i’d hate for your work to lack the full integrity it deserves as a result of being at all rushed. I’m in love with this story, I’m in love with these characters, and so i think they deserve to be portrayed honestly, so please don’t feel like you must rush! I want to see your art in its purest form because i’ve seen a sample of how wonderful it can be!

I personally wouldn’t mind if every single page looked like it were from a different artist, as long as the story is told and the artist enjoys her work. Then again, I’m a writer, not a painter, so my viewpoint may be a bit…skewed. 😀

This is a free online comic made available without charge. I don’t think it’s really anyone’s place to judge the style. I enjoy watching the progression and development of the art style and story. Thank you for sharing your work!

To be clear, I can’t possibly do what Ms Jameson does! If I’ve made some criticism, it’s hers to take or leave, and it’s meant only in the spirit of an observer. If you went to a free public event and thought it could be improved in some way, would you refrain from expressing your opinion just because you didn’t pay admission?

Feedback is only feedback. Nobody is making demands. We readers are all here because we love the comic.

Hmm, well I guess to me this project is much more personal than a free public event, since I’ve worked on Age of Clay for so many years without showing it to anybody. To me at least it feels kind of like I am giving you guys an awkward gift I made that I want you to like, rather than putting on a show for hundreds of people. I wouldn’t mind it if you folks criticized my free shindig, but it does sting a bit more when you criticize the misshapen mug I made for you in eighth grade pottery class.

I mean, to you guys, I totally understand that this must feel like a less personal, more public shared art experience, and you want to get the best experience possible. And your suggestions were for the most part quite tactful. But I was actually surprised at how sensitive I was to this criticism. Money really does change the equation, not when it comes to accepting constructive critique, which I hope I will always do with grace, at least eventually, but it does drastically change how that critique feels to me. When I was working in the games industry I had no problem rolling with really sharp critique. But now, there’s no transaction involved, you aren’t giving me something In return for what I do. So any criticism I get has a much more personal flavor to it.

You guys were quite tactful, but I do think there is something to what Annie said. You aren’t buying this comic, it is a gift that I am giving to anyone who wants it. And I am happy to give it, And it is my choice to give it, but I do give it at a certain personal cost. It costs me money to host the website and buy supplies, it costs time, it costs me a degree of financial security and peace of mind about my income. It is my personal decision to shoulder these costs of course, which is why I don’t often mention them. I chose to work on this comic and I am happy I made that choice. But when you ask me to improve the quality of the art, you are asking me to shoulder more of the cost, and that is hard to handle, because the costs of this comic is already fairly significant to me personally. I know I can take or leave your request, but the fact you guys are even asking does resonate with me in an uncomfortable way, if only because of my own life choices and decisions.

That said, I will always accept and respond to constructive criticism. And I plan to take all of your suggestions into account and return to the earlier style. But in the future I would prefer to avoid a week long conversation about my artistic missteps. Again you were all very tactful, but still, you could see how this would be a bit disheartening to me. So in the future, if you do have criticism by all means share it, but please message me privately at

So in conclusion, this comic may feel very much like a free public party, But you should know, that what is free for you, isn’t exactly free for me. Your hostess pays for the event, and she has a lot to think about, And she’s not always sure she’s being responsible. And so you can imagine that she feels a bit glum when her guests join together at the table to critique the weaknesses of the meal she prepared. She can ignore the criticism her guests give her, of course, but she will probably have some feelings about it all the same. If your hostess solicits criticism by all means oblige her, but if she does not, please email her your critique privately. Your hostess thinks you are all lovely people, and she only responds with wobbly emotions and exposed belly because you are all so delightful. If you were like most of the Internet, your hostess would hide. but she has a thinner skin than usual when it comes to her web comic. Or to put it in a slightly mushier way (I might as well just commit to the sap since I’ve written a college essays worth of feelings and emotions)

Had I the heavens embroidered cloth
Inwrought with golden and silver light
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of light and night and the half light

I would spread these cloths out under your feet
But I being poor have only my dreams
I have spread my dreams out under your feet
Tread softly for you tread on my dreams.

Thanks for those words, W. B. Yeats. The comic will be back Friday.

Ahhh I see your perspective perfectly <3 to be honest I myself am secretly extremely sensitive to criticism, helpful or not. But I tend to seek it out regarding my art anyway. But I really should have taken my own knowledge about how I would have felt into consideration. Sorry haha, I'm not trying to continue this odd conversation I can see is disheartening, just wanted to say I completely understand, and you very much inspire me as a writer and an artist and I do not doubt you in the least. Regardless of my own personal preferences and tastes, I know this comic will continue to spark my in5erest, its uniqueness is truly refreshing, and I was in love with it from the first page. Keep being awesome! And thank you for this gift!

I love this comic, unreservedly, full on, all the time. I have since about page three when I found it on the web, It is one of the three best comics on the web, hands down (IMAO). Intriguing plot, gripping characters, … And the Art transcends my vocabulary’s compass.

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