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Ah, and I was gonna say how much I love this title page. But I’m not sure I’d stick around for one page a week, let alone waiting months at a time. Sorry, but just wouldn’t hold my attention.

Still, this title page is gorgeous.

So, when you said you were getting rid of Nova’s round nose…I think you may have taken a bit too much off. She’s, uh…she’s missing her entire nose. And eyes. And face. *shudder*

Is there a particular day a week you’ll be choosing to post updates? I’m curious to keep tabs on the progress. Also, if you’re ever motivated and have extra time (Ha! I so funneh), I think just having a look at either the lore or just crazy wallpaperesque backgrounds from Nova’s little “city” would be amazing. Like, even a text-only typed paragraph about this character or that religion, anything that might not make it into the story, would be just as good as a comic update–to me, at least. I’ve also seen other artists post concept sketches, doodles that they used to practice for the comic, teasers, things like that. Those sorts of things don’t have to take much time away from doing your important work, and still let us absorb either more of the story or get in the mind of the artist, both very rewarding things.

Otherwise, I’ll still be checking back weekly. I wait with bated breath to know why the “humans” are not what we typically see, and why Nova and father are endowed with gifts that the “humans” either don’t, or no longer, have. *anticipatory squee*

Yeah! What a great idea. I’ll have an extra something every Friday, either sketches or character information or world building background stuff. Keep an eye out!

I echo what Tux said. I also have a request in to signup for the list.
That said, a quarterly update schedule for a whole chapter would mean fewer comments from folks, as they would have less to ruminate about. If you are o.k. With that, I’m down pat with your plan. There ar many comics I read that have random update schedules and I manage to follow them. Somehow, but I follow them. I think your plan of having a date to work to that is flexible but manageable is great. I’m with that.
I would not quit this comic , not even for money.

Great! I’m glad you’re going to stick with it! I realize I won’t get as much feedback but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for a more consistent looking comic. I have been working this way for the past two weeks, and I am definitely seeing an improvement in the page consistency.

Kath, I love your story. It so very obvious a work of love, and I appreciate you sharing it with me, if not us. You will never lose me as a reader, until your story is told. And if you point me to where I can find another of your projects, I am sure to follow.

And just because I may or may not have said so in the past, Thank you for this story. For sharing with us a piece of yourself.
((And thanks for giving Nova a rhinoplasty…. OMG! I just looked up rhinoplasty on Wikipedia, to be sure I was spelling it right… and GAAAAAHHH!! The immediate image I saw was horrifying!))

Anyway, love the artwork. Love the story. You are a beautiful person, with a wonderful soul. Thank you.

It’s some Age of Clay fan fiction? By the author of Age of Clay? Which I guess makes it…. fiction.

In many other web comics, the side stories that are posted by the Author/owner are sacred canon, and are referred to as, “The word of god.” The silly, or twisted, or alt.universe and fan fiction writings, even if by the author that Don’t inform the universe of the comic are often called non-canon.
So is this writing canon, or non-canon, with respect to your Nova/Kayli universe?
Just wonderin’.

It seems to be fitting with canon; this is pretty close to how I assumed the actual dealings with “gods” worked.

Yeah I’ve decided this is canon, it’s not an impossible non canonicle story asside. In my mind this all happened about two years before Kayli’s Fortimer based adventures. I’ll continue to add extra stuff periodically but I haven’t recently because this post was LONG. But soon, my chickidees.

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