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Chapter 7 Page 270

Chapter 7 Page 270 published on 13 Comments on Chapter 7 Page 270

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Hello folks, the comic is finished. I finished a webcomic! How many people get to say that? Not as many people as get to say they started a webcomic, no sir.  Granted this last chapter is in black and white, but mainly I went with that because I thought it looked good and fit with the mood. Thank you for sticking with this project through the Xtreme hiatus, and through my fickle art style decisions and my occasional whining. You’ve all been lovely, And though I maybe overestimated how many people on earth truly loved super weird and pretentious sci fi (Me! Me! I love that!) It was still a great project to work on.  I learned a LOT. There is nothing like drawing for seven hours a day. Try it! Your figure drawing WILL improve. I also learned that it is probably not a good idea to write a script and have it entirely finished before you start said four year long drawing project.  JEZUZ. Don’t do that folks.  You’ll be tied to a project you wrote as a tiny twenty-something.  Next time I will let the writing grow with the art. In a day or so I will compile all of the pages so you guys can download a free ebook version of this comic. And then in about a month or so I will take the whole thing down and put up a mirror site on tumblr. Thank you for reading and for all your support over the years! It means the world to me.

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Thank you for this. At the end of this comic, I’ve found myself at a loss for words. Some time ago, I commented on how I found this comic, browsing on my phone while sitting on a beach in this middle of the night, unable to sleep. The end left me every bit in awe as when I found it.

I would compare your work to that of Neil Gaiman or Roger Zelazny in the best possible way. I want to dwell on this for a bit, and then read it again.

Do you plan to ever release a print version?

This has been a joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

What a super nice thing to say! I’m really glad you liked my comic so much. I don’t think I would be able to do any kind of print run, but I am going to put together a free high resolution pdf ebook for everyone to download as soon as I get a moment. Thank you for reading!

Wow! Excellent story! Exceptionally thoughtful. “Create something significant.”

As for the use of black and white, that’s perfectly fine by me. I practice black & white chemical photography.

Ray Bradbury wrote that if you are going to be a good writer, you need to write at least 1200 words a day. Same with anything else, really. It takes strong dedication.

On the topic of overestimating your audience size:
Possibly, but we’re here. Book-marked you during the first chapter, checked occasionally during the hiatus. You did good work, and your indecision with regards to withholding exposition hurt the story more than any perceived weirdness. I won’t pretend I like everything you’ve done, the denouement or its philosophy, etc… but I like Age of Clay overall. Perhaps more importantly, I find I like knowing that Age of Clay exists. It’s interesting.

Not to restate the obvious, but if you’re going to write something more than yet another relationship dramedy about twenty-somethings with superpowers, then yes, your audience will be small. The number of financial donations or comments usually under-represents total readership, especially lovers of “super weird and pretentious sci fi” – so I really hope you weren’t expecting a flood of groupies and autograph hounds. Expect us to be critical and opinionated and more likely to be here for the story itself, not for the emotional validation of being in with a trendy crowd of admirers. No posting comments just for the hell of it. Rather read more comics.

However, we’re also likely to have longer attention spans. We’ll still be around years from now for your next project. Keep creating.

Ho ho! Fair enough. Thanks for sticking around! I don’t even pretend to like everything I’ve done here either. I agree with your assessment that this is not exactly a universally successful project, but it’s different and that counts for something at least. I learned a lot about pacing, staging a scene, exposition. All that good stuff. Age of Clay was worth doing.

I suppose I am being pretty unfair to my readers when I bemoan my audience size. So I should clarify and say that I love the folks that did read and connect to this comic and I certainly don’t blame other people for their lack of interest. Instead I blame myself for my inability to connect with more people through Age of Clay, due to some of the slipups you mentioned. Exposition problems, questionable pacing, some awkward character and story choices etc.

And to be clear, I don’t want an audience just so I can have an audience. I am not looking to give autographs. I am looking to find enough readers that I might one day make money from my own projects. I am after that chedder, just like practically every working (or in my case semi working) artist. Though it might be insanity to expect Money in webcomics, it is hard not to hope for it, if only because so much time goes into making each page. It is especially hard not to hope if you are just starting out like I was.

Lol ohmygod dude. Groupies…I would go FULL ON HERMIT if I started getting groupies. I would live in a rotten redwood. THAT IS MY NIGHTMARE.

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