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Chapter Five Page 152

Chapter Five Page 152 published on 9 Comments on Chapter Five Page 152

And we’re back! In watercolor!

Hullo! How have you been?

I am so glad I switched to real paints. I hope the difference isn’t too jarring, but I really like it, It’s about a thousand times more fun to produce these pages, and I feel like the quality of the images has gone up significantly, both because I’m having more fun, and also because…well I don’t know? I think I just kind of get watercolors in a way that I don’t get producing art on the computer, even though I’ve worked on drawing tablets for so many years both for my job and for fun. Watercolors really go to my core, because they were the first art medium I fell in love with as a kid. This process takes me back to my roots man, as a tiny Katherine.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the hiatus. I have built up my buffer. It is quite generous and I’m ready to commit to my regular schedule once again so keep checking in Monday and Friday. Hopefully you folks that have been reading regularly will trickle back over time. And hopefully you’ll like the changes! I can say that the pages so far are of a higher quality in general than what I was producing earlier. For instance, check out my old version of Page 152, if you’d like to see thexamplee difference.

















Hmmm. Yeah I was falling into a rut.



Also, I posted pictures up about a week ago, but I’m not actually sure many people were coming around since my comic wasn’t like….updating. So I will post them again. I want to show you my home studio that I LOVE.  My husband and I recently moved to a much larger apartment and and and I get my own room to do art in. true decadence man. This is unheard of delight. And what do you do when you are all of a sudden producing a ton more physical artwork? Tape everything to the god damn wall like a madwoman.













Oh also, now that I am producing artwork with actual stuff I have to buy regularly, I’m kind of thinking I need to find some revenue to pay for it. If I were to set it up, how many people would be interested in pledging a buck to a patreon account? And if you are, what kinds of things would you be most interested in seeing? Monthly backgrounds? Live stream drawing where I answer questions? One time only original art to hang on your wall? Something else? Let me know if this appeals to anybody, If enough people are interested I’ll put one together.

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I like the new look, lots of differences and similarities, but overall I think it works really well. Even just looking at Kayli’s robe in the first panel and how much brighter and more solid it looks is a striking contrast to the old look. Looking forward to more!

In regards to Patreon, I might be willing to chip in a bit. Not sure about rewards, but original art might be nice, or even just some extra filler scenery of different characters and places in the comic could be nice.

Whoa! The watercolours look so vibrant, and I love Death’s new eyes – they look much more threedimensional and “alive”. Not to mention the body language and composition in this page compared to the old version. Great to see the comic back in such awesomely improved quality!

I also could afford a small stipend, and would be interested in exchanging Art for support, but I don’t think I could do bonuses on a regular basis. Do you use Strathmore, or Arches, or Aquabee, or what? Synthetic or sable brushes? Schminke, Holbein, Binny & Smith, Windsor & Newton? Colcot? What do you use?

I was already in love with the colors in your comic but this is amazing. Glad you’re going back to your “core.” (Although I was surprised to learn that the comic was computer colored, it had a very watercolor feel to it already!)

Please do announce if you set up a Patreon and I’ll add you to my list. Personally I’d love to see occasional posts/sketches about world details that you didn’t have room for in the main story– mythology, customs, character histories, etc. (Also monthly wallpapers of course!) By the way, some creators also post updates a day early for the $5+ tier, which would be an easy incentive for you.

Welcome back!

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