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Chapter Five Page 153

Chapter Five Page 153 published on No Comments on Chapter Five Page 153

Hi guys! Sorry this page is late. And thank you for the feedback about patreon. I might set up something for just one dollar and five dollar tiers? I think? Anyway please continue to tell me what you’d like to see if you haven’t already. I think it would be fun to share more information about the structure of the world,,,,hmm and would mini comics interest people?


Also, GeneseePaws has have asked me about what materials I use and how I go about making this pages without terrible paint mistakes. So I will tell you a little bit about it!


For Christmas I got the watercolor set of the gods. It is a one hundred bottle box of sennelier watercolors. These are crazy fancy, and the set is huge so it was a very special gift. It was on sale, but still….Thanks parents! I use a whole series of brushes, I don’t really know details about them….I just buy brushes of correct feel at the store, and I go by size and sharpness more than anything.

So how do I avoid mistakes since I can no longer erase or undo? Hmm….well I still sketch on the computer since I am addicted to the undo feature in photoshop, and I still feel less confidant about the quality of my raw drawings. Then I print the page out in two pieces, tape the pieces together to get a full sized page, and I use a light box to trace the image onto a piece of watercolor paper with ink. When I ink, I use a series of Micron Pens. I trace with a 05 point pen. Then I take the page over to my drawing table and add depth to the line with 08 size pen and the graphic marker. I add cross hatching with a micron 01 pen.

And then I paint the inked drawing. And how do I avoid mistakes….well if you’re quick with a kleenex you can do a pretty thorough cleanup of any unwanted color, so there’s that….but the truth is I don’t actually make too many mistakes with watercolor. Barely at all. I don’t mean to brag! But I have been using watercolors a very long time and I find themĀ  pretty intuitive and easy to control. The thing I always have the most trouble with is the drawing side of things, and getting the proportions right, and lining up the eyes etc. And sometimes I get so far ahead before I recognize my drawing mistakes that I have to kind of commit to them or do the entire page over. This current page is a good example. I mean, Fortimer definitely looks a little weird in that third panel, but I….have drawn this page twice now. And I wasn’t in the mood to start over a third time. At least not at the moment. So, anyway that’s the new process. I’ve gotten a lot of really supportive comments about this, so thank you guys! And some of you have noticed changes in character design that I made too. I’m glad those work for people. There are a few subtle differences, and I did switch to round eyes for everyone cause I couldn’t get adequate expression into the pointed alien eyes I was drawing earlier.

I think next time I post I will propose some Patreon options to see what might interest you guys for various tiers. And thanks again for reading!

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