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Chapter Five Page 180

Chapter Five Page 180 published on 8 Comments on Chapter Five Page 180

New page. Also, folks, I totes stand by the fact that last post I expressed relief at my own improvement as an artist. Not gonna back track on that one, gentle readers.  I am glad you like my art and want to defend it, but I didn’t say “thank god I’ve improved because my old art is such a terrible mess” I just said “thank god I’ve improved” which is very different.  I love getting better, and I feel relief and pride when I manage to level up.  I also worry that I might stagnate as an artist, so when I improve my first reaction is “Thank god I’m not staying the same.”  I am not putting my old stuff down when I acknowledge and feel relieved about getting better. That’s not how it works. I have a lot of affection for my earlier artwork. But guys,  if I didn’t feel absolutely driven to improve my artwork I’d still be drawing the stick ponies I drew when I was five, and you wouldn’t have this comic to read. My urge to improve is good news for people who like my work.  🙂

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There are several ways I see this developing. Most of them painful.

The demeanor of the Artist/Father here says that he planned to either destroy or degrade the creation anyway. Lots of potential lessons there…

Speculation aside, I am glad for your artistic achievement. It is good to strive further, and your art is indeed praiseworthy.

I, for one, love the improvement – especially the expressive feel in the change to watercolours. Your work is luminous, a place where the fantastical becomes an engrossing story. A place that seems somehow real despite the alien looks of the place, because the characters pull us, draw us in. We want their wants, we yearn for their yearnings, hope they get their hopes. Relatable, and captivating, and very real– even if they don’t look like anyone I know, .. Well, except for Father, who does look like someone I know.
I know that I must have misunderstood the meaning of your comment about improvement. I am sorry for the misunderstanding. I will keep a lid on it.

Hey no worries at all! I’m not annoyed or anything. I just wanted to put in a word for by obsession with leveling up! As always I love getting feedback and your kind compliments and suggestions really make me feel good about the work I do!

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