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I Just found this comic. I love the art, I want more story to decide what kind of start it is, but the ART had me just before she says, “It’s so quiet.”
If you continue to update once a week, I think I’m a fan. I am mentioning this comic on a site that I go to, because I think your work needs wider discovery.

This comic has a wonderful Dali-meets-Escher-meets-Lovecraft sort of feel to it. I’m very intrigued thus far, and very much look forward to what unknown creativity waits to spring from your mind onto my screen. Also, I’m really enjoying the font the comments are in, far more than perhaps I should. Good stuff all around! I’m excited 😀

@Tux: I was thinking Edward Gorey only in color, or Peter Max without the too bright colors, or maybe Gustav Klimt meets Marie Cassatt. It is easier to describe than define. I like your, “Escher meets Lovecraft” comment. But I think Ms. Jameson has more heart in it than Lovecraft would allow for. What abut
Dore/Poe? Is that better?

Yeah, the Lovecraft was perhaps a bit off-mark. I was going more for the “beyond time and space” part than the “madness and devouring” aspect of his work. Nevertheless, the gentle treatment that the subversion of reality to one’s whims gets in this comic is a very fun and underused “trope” (I suppose ‘underused trope’ is an oxymoron, but you get my point hopefully).

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