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Prologue 0-3

Prologue 0-3 published on 3 Comments on Prologue 0-3

Hey hey, happy one year anniversary of my comic! Enjoy this extra page. I am currently about one third finished with the entire script, so there are roughly two years to go on this beast.  And hey, just knowing that I have a few people reading makes me incredibly happy, so thank you for your interest, regular readers!  And thank you so much for commenting and voting. Hope this next year will be just as fun.

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Personally, I am hoping for more fun, and answers to the burning questions; what makes Kayli tick, why is Forts such a paranoiacs, and how did Sivan become such a bitter “Case”? Of course and how does Father keep losing himself in his own reality??
Congrats on One Year, and we lover your story and the accompanying Art.
And I still want a box around the “post comment button”

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