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Chosen not by the Master but by the New Master! Arggh! There is just enough information that I can speculate wildly and have no hope of guessing which one is the most correct!! Poor Fortie, poor Kayli!!! I hope Nova can free Kalie of her obsession.

Hrmm… Same straight, blond hair. Same general build. I’d almost hazard a guess that that’s Kayli’s mother, except Kayli said she has no family. I suppose it’s possible that she has parents, but that they are not allowed to treat each other as family due to the mother’s position as death. I wonder why Death is supposed to live so devoid of love and pleasure in this culture?

Well I never really explain your question in the comic so I’ll lay it out for you a bit. I modeled the culture of the five hundred kingdoms on a mix of African and Indian cultures. There are two kinds of gods in this culture and they manifest through the use of masks.. The lower gods are all masked gods. Mere mortals can become masked gods if they follow the right rituals and wear masks a t the proper time. But the high gods are known as unmasked gods. For these gods, though they have their true forms in the spirit realm, they are basically people that never take off the god persona. They are gods all the time, even when they aren’t wearing their mask. Kayli is one of these high gods. They act as their god is meant to act and they have certain tasks that they must perform as god. However they still have to grapple with their human side, and they are taught to suppress it as much as possible. That is why Kayli isn’t allowed many pleasures.

Incidentally if you guys ever have world building questions like that I’ll gladly answer them if they don’t get explained in the comic. And I won’t answer spoilers of course 🙂

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