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Yeah, nothing will happen.


Kath, I’m really enjoying this chapter but I think it’d be a shame to change the beginning of the comic; Anaxi and Nova are so immediately charming, and the beauty and mystery of the forest and garden make a great hook to draw you in. In my opinion, I think this would work better as a kind of flashback chapter after maybe chapter 2 or 3.

It’s true. I know I’m sacrificing the hook in chapter one, but I feel like the setting for the story remains too unclear for too long, and I just have to remedy that. Also, chapter one wasn’t attracting many readers. I would get some new readers for a while, but nobody new was sticking around. Granted my comic is pretty bizarre in a way. and the story unfolds super slowly, but the fact that readers have no idea what is happening for a really long time plays into it I think. Sorry!

I think I agree with Kath. I almost stopped reading after the first few pages, but the interesting art style convinced me I had to keep reading, at the very least to find out what was going on.

But this is a great comic, and I hope more people come to read it.

I’m greatly enjoying this comic. Came by way of a link off another site… You may think you have a “pretty bizarre” comic, but look at Rice Boy!

Btw, I binge read, mark it in a special bookmark file, then come back… I will definitely be back… (But then, I’ve just begun my bingeing… Looks like I have a couple years of reading yet )

Thanks for making the comic. I love the god mask-aspect idea, and the plot is interesting, intriguing!

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