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What strikes me as interesting is that, while Fortimer seems a bit cowardly at times, he didn’t seem like that in yesterday’s strip. Admittedly he begged first, but when he broke the mask, he actually looked pretty angry. I suppose it would be pretty easy to be angry at someone whose demanding your life, but I wonder if he wasn’t more concerned with trying to convince Kayli (and maybe their society as a whole) that she doesn’t need to kill him, rather than just with defending himself.

Note for Kayli: while it looked like her dragging Fortimer worked, to make a resisting target comply (probably at least):

1. grab their hand so that that your on the outside of that arm 2. make sure it’s facing up and jam their elbow tightly between your ribs and grabbing arm. 3. while keeping firm pressure on their arm against your body, use your hand to apply pressure on the back of their hand, making it go in and down towards their arm. If done properly, this should put adequate pressure on their wrist making them comply unless they want you to break it.

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