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So sad. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to receive this news. By the way, Kath, did you say you’re planning on moving this prologue before the other chapters? I hope not-I think its current placement is perfect!

Oops, yeah it might not be a popular decision but I’m sticking to it I think, Sorry to disappoint! I have reasons for moving this new prologue to the beginning though. As the story is currently I think it’s too disorienting and cryptic for too long. There aren’t just one or two mysteries starting out. Everything is a mystery. For over a hundred pages, really. Readers meet these random monsters running around in a jungle, cut to a mystical garden, and a girl getting her hands taken off. And it goes from there. I had some readers stick around and wait for an explanation, but the vast majority of people exposed to this comic did not keep reading. And because you get updates twice a week only explanations come very. slowly. You guys have to wait until chapter 6 to get anything explained about the father, so that’ll be another year, I just decided to be a bit more generous dolling out information. Sorry guys!

Wow, I didn’t even realize it’s 100 pages of awesome before we get to the prologue as currently. Even following the comic daily, it hasn’t seemed that long. That’s a sign of good storytelling, if you ask me 😉 But seriously, this is totally your story–your awesome, captivating, beautiful story–and I’m certain whatever decision you make can only help that along. When I say I can’t wait, it’s really only for each next page. I love it! 😀

Your art is reminding me of two artists’ work. You’re going to laugh a bit..

Maurice Sendak blended with Clive Barker’s work in the Abarat series. Which, if you’ve not read it, you must! Get the hardcovers though. The paperbacks don’t have the art

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