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Prologue Page 25

Prologue Page 25 published on 4 Comments on Prologue Page 25

Here ends the prologue. I’m happy with how it turned out and I think the story is less completely freaking inscrutable now. Tomorrow I’m moving the entire prologue to the beginning of the comic. I’ll also be taking the week off to build up my buffer a little bit. Then we’ll get back to the main story with chapter four. Updates will resume on the 29th. And we return to our regularly scheduled two pages a week. At least for now.   See you then, and thank you for reading!

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OMG, this has been so awsome, Kayli is a kick-ass character so much more complex than I had imagined. No wonder Fort is a little nutso. After being pursued like that on a leash, living a life of panic, but she gave him five more years of life, even if he didn’t understand that.
Thank you so much for the rush through the prologue, a daily update was amazing!!

Great, I’m glad you liked it! Kayli is my favorite character by far. And I’m really looking forward to drawing chapter 4, which is all about her. Pretty soon you will learn all sorts of great stuff about her. Thanks for reading!

What Kayli brought before was just fear; and the drive to chase Fort under all conditions and terrains. Relentlessly.
What we learned here, is that she has a heart, and is strong in her faith, and very perceptive. Fort can run away, But we don’t know much about his strengths, other than fear and running. And begging.
I am all about the chapter 4 !!
Thanks for doing the prologue in a rush like that. It was a real trip. It must have been an incredible amount of work for you, but what a ride for us!! Thanks so much for all your heart, hard work, and great story telling!

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